QUEERantine Diaries

QUEERantine Diaries

It’s probably been a while now since you went into quarantineโ€”a period of time that has allowed us to stay safe and learn more about ourselves too.

We’re starting this #Queerantine Diaries forum to let you share with us your experience being LGBTQ+ in quarantine.

What's your favorite way to spend quarantine?

I would probably describe quarantine as...

Just for starters: What’s your favorite way to spend quarantine? What have you learned about yourself? What anxieties has quarantine caused and how do you manage it? Comment below to start the convo!

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  1. Smudge.Firebrand.Himmel

    My favourite way to spend quarantine is playing dungeons and dragons with my friends, although I was part of a Zoom play and that was really fun too! I’ve learned that I’m a lot moodier than I thought, or I suppose I’ve just recognized it in myself. I’ve also learned that I needed a break. I’ve had anxieties about getting things done on time. An agenda helps, but I need to look at it more often.

  2. Fairchild

    This post is kinda old but I’ll answer anyways. thanks to quarantine I’ve started cooking a lot but I’ve also started exercising so maybe thats evened out ๐Ÿ˜€ I also started rereading old favorite books series which is really nice. Sadly, I’ve lost probably every friend I had bc no one seemed to care to stay in contact during the lockdowns even though I tried. So that’s probably the anxiety I developed, but I’ve really learned to be more self-confident and self-reliant, which is nice. This has also been the start to really question my identity and sexual orientation, and soon when I’m moving in my new room I’ll probably hang up some pride flags ๐Ÿ™‚ Nevertheless I wish that people can really meet up again soon

  3. turquoise.jellyfish

    i don’t have a preferred way to spend quarantine but i spend most of my time streaming literally anything on netflix and chatting with friends. lack of social contact usually worsens my social anxiety so that got bad. i also started taking art classes on udemy and am finally gonna finish learning how to play the guitar after a break of two years.

  4. alas_poor_Yorik

    I’m not sure I have one favourite way to spend quarantine. I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends consistently each week throughout, whether online or in person once our restrictions loosened up here, and that’s been really nice. While school was in, I spent a lot of time doing schoolwork. Drawing, reading, and watching Netflix have also become some of my main activities.
    I’ve learned that I don’t need as much food as I originally thought I did, although it could be partly due to the fact that I’m not doing as much. I’ve also learned that I can deal with major disappointment (a play of mine got cancelled due to covid) and also that i have a pretty strong sense of self motivation! I’ve also accepted the fact that I DO want to physically transition, which has been a great discovery.
    Most of my quarantine anxieties came from school, and learning all the new technology, as well as just applying for uni in general. Usually I manage my anxiety by either going on a walk or sitting somewhere quiet and listening to some music.

  5. Supernatural3134

    I don’t really have a preferred way to spend quarantine, I like listening to music, reading and watching movies. I learned that I am so fucking gay. Quarantine gave me the anxiety of not being able to talk to people and start a conversation. I used to be so social and talkative and now I would much rather have a person start a convo for me.

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