DIY – stickers

DIY – stickers

Hello, wonderful people! We’re stressed, there are a lot of things going on in the world and it’s still important to stay home and be safe. We could use a creative intermezzo.

Something we have been enjoying a lot is making stickers. It’s surprisingly easy, as creative as you want it to be and a lot of fun (and a good way to decorate your school supplies if you’re like us and still… working on that). We thought it would be fun to share a tutorial with you! Here is our way to make your own stickers:


  • a big roll of clear tape (the bigger, the better)
  • baking paper
  • paper
  • really anything you can draw/paint with (pencils, markers, watercolours, crayons etc.) or images from the internet/magazines

Step 1: 

Make a design! We like to use gray pencil for sketching, fineliners for the outlines and usually markers or colouring pencils for a pop of colour. You can also obviously print an image from the internet or take something out of a magazine. It’s also nice to keep your tape close to see how big your design can be: we usually stick to the width of the tape, so we don’t have to use multiple pieces for one sticker. After your design is done, you can cut it out.

Step 2:

Time to sticker! Stick a piece of tape (big enough for your design) on the baking paper. Lay your unstickered sticker on top of it and stick another piece of tape on top of that. Make sure there are no wrinkles and everything is nice and smooth. 

Step 3: Cut it out! If you take those three layers off of the baking sheet it’ll look like this:

Step 3: Cut it out! If you take those three layers off of the baking sheet it’ll look like this:

(sorry for this low-quality picture… apparently we didn’t take any others)

A drawing between two pieces of tape. 

Now you simply need to cut around it, leaving a small border. And that’s it! If you don’t know where to stick your sticker yet you can put it back on the baking sheet.


We have been making lots of stickers, and it definitely sparks joy to find them everywhere (especially since we can make our own pride-related ones). We hope you love this DIY as much as we do :).


Hiii! We're your Prism authors from the Netherlands. We both use they/them pronouns 🙂

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