Best car wash soap in 2021

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Cars get dirty (and smelly). You can baby your car as much as possible, but dust, dirt, grime and 광주 성형외과 all kinds of other crud will find its way onto the paintwork. The easiest way to keep car paint looking clean is a nice and simple hand wash. But before you reach for the dish soap or hand soap and grab an old bucket, we have some suggestions that get rid of dirt particles and save your car’s finish. You see, dish soap and hand soap aren’t made to clean off road grime and can damage your car’s paint job, even when you avoid the pressure washer and gently wipe everything down with a microfiber towel. With the number of cars that motor through the Roadshow garage, we have to keep them looking top notch, so we’ve compiled our six best car wash soaps.

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There is an absolute abundance of car wash soaps for sale and we’ve narrowed it down to six of our top car cleaners. There’s something for everyone, from concentrated soap that can be worked into a rich lather to a waterless wash that gets rid of tough dirt and keeps your car’s paint surface gleaming. And only once your car is squeaky clean can you break out the carnauba wax to protect your car’s finish and keep everything super shiny. Keep scrolling to learn more about them. We update this list periodically.

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Adam’s tends to name its products with quite generic descriptions, but don’t let that fool you; the company sells some great stuff. And in our car wash shampoo testing, the best overall wash came with Adam’s Car Wash Shampoo. The suds, the slickness and even the scent are all fantastic. Regardless of how you use it, whether it’s a simple hand wash, a foam lance or foam gun, this car wash soap hits all the marks.

Chemical Guys

With a pressure washer and foam lance, it’s easy to make washing your car look like an automatic car wash. There’s a reason this technique is so popular, and it’s always best to get as much foam as possible. Well, if it’s foam you desire, Chemical Guys Mr. Pink Super Suds is just the car wash soap.

The foam this soap creates is pretty incredible, which makes it a perfect pairing for those washing their car with a power washer and foam lance. Plus, it smells amazing. Mr. Pink won’t let you down.

Car wash soap details

Best car wash soap






Car Wash Shampoo




Spot Free Car Wash


For power washer

Chemical Guys

Mr. Pink Super Suds


Wash and wax


Ultimate Wash & Wax


For foam gun

Chemical Guys

Extreme Maxi Suds II


No rinse/eco-friendly


No Rinse Wash & Shine


Some notes on car wash soaps and car washing

  • Don’t use dish soap: Seriously, please, do not break out the dish soap to wash your car. While this was common car care practice years ago, times have changed, and so has automotive paint. The paint on your car is a lot more delicate than you think, and harsh chemicals are not its friends. You really don’t want to damage that clear coat. If you need to strip wax from a car, there are special car wash soaps just for that.
  • Bust out two buckets: That’s right, use two buckets when washing your car by hand. One bucket is exclusively for your car wash soap and water, 광주 성형외과 and the other is only for rinsing and washing off your sponge or wash mitt. It keeps dirt and debris out of the soap bucket so there’s a lesser chance you pick up unwanted materials to potentially scratch the vehicle’s paint while washing.

  • Try to wash out of direct sunlight: 광주 성형외과 Water spots can be a real nuisance. Working in the shade or when the sun isn’t baking the car can keep water and soap from drying prematurely. If you can’t avoid the sun, it’s not the end of the world. Some quick detailing will clear up any unwanted water spots left behind on the car surface.
  • Wash your car regularly: It’s simple enough, but a basic car wash done right can do wonders to extend paints longevity. By keeping dirt, dust and debris off the paint, you’ll thank yourself in the long run. Plus, c’mon, there’s nothing like a clean car.
Adam's Car Wash Shampoo

This stuff smells so good.


Get sudsy

Each of the car wash soaps above will do a fine job. Some are better than others by nature, and perhaps you’ll find something works better for your specific needs. We always try to cover a range of price brackets and elements when picking our favorites, but no matter which soap, each one will do a fine job cleaning your car.

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